Ongoing Support

There are often ongoing compliance requirements – compliance training, monitoring and reporting.

As a part of this process, training needs and compliance gaps should be addressed as they are uncovered. There should also be the regular review of policies and procedures to ensure that any changes in the regulatory environment or in the business activities of regulated firms are taken into account and adhered to.

Compliance Procedures & Documentation

As a regulated firm you will be required to have clear documentation of your compliance procedures, as well asa compliance manual. Your procedures should be suitable and tailored to the nature of your business and should be clear and succinct and accessible to all staff.

Monitoring plan

Your monitoring plan is another key element in the process and we can assist with its development. This will ensure that your compliance procedures are robust and subject to regular review, informing your development going forward. We will aim to ensure that your monitoring and review arrangementsare tailored to the company’s activities and your specific regulatory obligations,whilst ensuring that they are practical, operational and easy to understand and usefor staff in their everyday work.

keeping you up to date

We have a commitment to providing you with regular updates and guidance on regulatory and legislative changes that are likely to be relevant to your business context. We can discuss with you the nature and regularity of these updates, so that your specific needs are met, your practices are compliant and you have peace of mind in meeting your statutory obligations.

Complaints Handling

We are also able to provide you with an additional tailored service, at an appropriate additional cost, that is suited to the specific needs of your business.

Compliance Helpdesk

We also have a commitment to provide you with ongoing support going forward, in the form of an experienced team who will be available via phone and email to answer any compliance questions that might arise.